Pat Gibbons

  • Director of UCD CHA
  • (01) 716 7792

Pat Gibbons PhD is Director of UCD’s Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA). He is a member of the World Humanitarian Summit Team on Humanitarian Effectiveness and Chairperson of the Irish Humanitarian Summit Steering Committee. Pat worked for more than a decade on both humanitarian and development programmes, in Africa and Ireland, before returning to UCD in 1997 to manage the Master’s Programme in Humanitarian Action under the auspices of the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA). He served as President of NOHA between 2007 and 2013, and then became founder member of UCD’s CHA. His experiences in a range of aid sectors including public, private, NGO and academia have provided the determination to develop improved modus operandi for collective responses in aid programming from Ireland. His research interests include: humanitarian principles, urban vulnerabilities and risk; impact assessment; and the interface between humanitarian action and reconciliation.

Selected Publications

Gibbons, P. & H. Heintze (2015) The Humanitarian Challenge: 20 Years European Network on Humanitarian Action, Heidelberg: Springer ISBN 978-3-319-13469-7

McDermott, R., P. Gibbons, H. Spieker & S. Malesevic (2015) ‘Cross-border Disaster Response and the Law,’ Irish Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 5: 2: 1-23.

McDermott, R. & P. Gibbons (awaiting publication) ‘Human rights and pro-active displacement in natural disaster settings: determining the appropriate balance between the duty to protect and the right to remain’, Disasters journal

McDermott, R. & P. Gibbons (awaiting decision from editors)‘Risk and Compliance with Normative Frameworks relating to Disaster Management: Exploratory Case Studies from Indonesia and Ireland’, Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies [revised paper].

Maitra, S. and Gibbons, P (2012) India’s Role in Humanitarian Assistance: Contemporary Trends and Perspectives. In R. Chakrabarty, & I. Lahiri, India’s Constructive Engagement in Asia and Around. New Delhi: Academic Excellence.

Gibbons, P (2010)Humanitarian Transformation: Concepts, Causes and Challenges, in Humanitarian Action Facing the News Challenges, Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag ISBN 978-3-8305-1807-5