Irish Consultative Process

Ireland is preparing at the national level for the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul in 2016.  The Irish Government will use the opportunity of the Summit to re-affirm our national commitment to principled humanitarian action and to articulate Irish perspectives on its future.  This process will bring together the breadth and diversity of opinion within the different groups of actors in Ireland who are engaged in humanitarian response (Government, Defence Forces, Civil Society, Academia and Private Sector).  A shared understanding of the challenges, opportunities and future of humanitarian action will be formulated through dialogue among and between these groups whose diversity largely mirrors the complexities and disparities seen at the global level.

Ireland’s WHS preparations seek to provide input to the Summit in Istanbul, and raise awareness and understanding in Ireland on our shared humanitarian endeavour.  We want to use this global event as an opportunity to build and consolidate commitment to principled humanitarian engagement amongst the key stakeholders in Ireland.

Irish_consultation_july2015-05IHS Timeline

The consultation has been split into the below five phases with the project currently in phase four:

Phase 1 (September to December 2014)

Review its current status and formulate positions on key humanitarian issues post 2016.  Each stakeholder group will be supported to present its position on issues related to the four thematic areas and select representatives for each area in Phase 2.

Phase 2 (January to June 2015)

A thematic group (with representatives from each of the five stakeholder groups) will be established for each of the WHS’s themes. The output will be position paper on each thematic area. These papers  can be accessed here.

Phase 3 (July 2015)

Ireland will host its own Irish Humanitarian Summit on July 2nd 2015 to share information from the previous two phases and discuss the submission of Ireland’s contribution to the WHS. In the lead up to this summit there will be a process for agreeing and disseminating the final documents. This summit will target members of all of the stakeholder groups and key actors relevant to the WHS from outside of Ireland.

Phase 4 and 5 (ongoing to 2016)

Preparation leading up to the WHS (phase 4) and implementing the lessons learned afterwards (phase 5). The recommendations for the WHS in our Submission from the Irish Humanitarian Community to the WHS – July 2015 and the Recommendations from the Irish Consultative Process document, drive this stage of the process. In addition the Irish Consultative Process steering group meets regularly to progress the work identified in the suggested undertakings for the Irish Humanitarian Community.

The  NOHA Network on Humanitarian Action  (NOHA) and the European Commission are also organising a series of roundtable events for 2016. The aim of these events is to present and discuss the core themes and priorities of the World Humanitarian Summit  process and the European Union’s policy position in advance of the summit in May 2016. The UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action is honoured to be hosting ‘Roundtable West’. Click here for more information.

Timeframe and Key Events

  • Development of methodologies for all 5 groups (September ‘14)
  • Data collection (Phase 1) – October ’14
  • Data analysis/finalising thematic papers (Phase 1) – Nov/Dec ’14
  • Implementation of Phase 2 methodology – January
  • Regional Humanitarian Summit (Hungary)  – 3 / 4 February ‘15
  • Data analysis (Phase 2) – February/March ’15
  • Finalise Phase 2 thematic papers and preparation for Irish Humanitarian Summit – April / May ’15
  • Irish Humanitarian Summit (O’Reilly Hall, UCD) – July 2nd ‘15
  • Input to global consultation process – July 2015
  • European Humanitarian Roundtable West – Dublin 30-31 March
  • Preparation for WHS – ongoing to 2016
  • World Humanitarian Summit (Istanbul) – May 2016