General FAQ


Why is the Centre based in the School of Agriculture?

The Centre developed within the Agribusiness and Rural Development Section of UCD. We have close links to other development programmes and academics within this area often support the programmes we deliver.

How big is the CHA?

Currently the Centre employs 6 full-time staff and also has several interns and former students who support ongoing research projects. We have an average of 25 full-time Masters students each year.

NOHA Masters FAQ

Is my undergraduate degree in the right discipline to apply for this Masters?

All interested applicants who fulfill the prior educational requirements are welcome to apply for the programme. We try to include students with a range of varied backgrounds to enhance the ability of students to gain insight from each other’s experiences. Those with a volume of experience will also be considered in lieu of some academic requirements. All information on these requirements can be found here.

I’m unsure if I fulfill the language requirements for this programme?

If you are not from an English speaking country but do not have the language qualifications asked for in the application, there are other means to prove your proficiency. If you have undertaken previous studies at University or other higher level through English this would be sufficient and you could make note of this in your application.

I only have access to academic/professional references, not both. Is that okay?

It is fine to just have referees from one or the other if it is not possible to have both. You can make reference to this fact in your application.

Does the UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action offer any scholarships/student funding?

At this time the Centre itself is not in a position to offer any funding for the programme but there are limited scholarships available through the UCD International Office. More information on this is available here.

We can provide you with official letters which state your acceptance and registration to the programme if you are successful in your application to aid with any funding applications.

Does the UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action offer student accommodation?

No. Students are responsible for their own accommodation while on the programme. You can apply for housing within UCD and most students who come to Dublin share apartments off campus.

What fees would apply to me for this Masters?

The Course Fee for the MSc in Humanitarian Action depend on two factors: 1) your nationality i.e. whether you are an EU or a non-EU citizen and 2) your mobility path i.e. whether you choose to complete the programme entirely at UCD or you wish to move to another university (in another country) for your second semester. The fees for the programme are explained here.


Why do I have the option of applying directly to NOHA and also through UCD?

There are two applications open to you, either NOHA or UCD. For students who wish to avail of the mobility component of the programme and spend their second semester in a second University, they should apply through NOHA. For students who wish to remain in UCD for the duration of the course, they should apply through UCD.